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Services We Can Help With

Your therapist will work one-on-one with you in a safe, supportive, and confidential environment, allowing you to comfortably explore your individual or family concerns. Individual therapy is a very personal process that can enhance your awareness of feelings, beliefs, behaviors, personal needs, and goals. It can be used to work through things you want to change, challenging and influential memories of times in your life, or to enhance your relationships with others.

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Maternal Mental Health refers to a woman's experience pre-pregnancy to postpartum.  It treats all sorts of lifestyle and body changes, as well as various conditions, stressors and mental health needs as expectant mothers, new mothers, and mothers coping with infertility or infant loss go through their 

motherhood journeys.


This can include diagnoses of depression, anxiety, birth-related PTSD, post-partum OCD, and birth-related psychosis. For women who have experienced a pregnancy or infant loss,  there can often be shock, sadness, anger, and guilt as she moves through her grief. 

Your therapist will work with you to keep you supported as you navigate this delicate time of distress and transition in whichever category of motherhood you are in.

Therapy for Kids & Teens

Therapy for your child or teenager can support them through a difficult life adjustment, transition, teach them to regulate their emotions, learn and use coping skills appropriately, and identify and verbalize their feelings. 


Depending on your child’s age, play therapy may be practiced using toys, blocks, dolls, games and art to best help your child express themselves and for their therapist to better understand themes and patterns your child is experiencing. 


With a play and talk combination of therapy, there is a stronger opportunity for your 

child to understand 

their world.

In couples’ therapy, you and your significant other will work with your therapist to address or change specific issues in your relationship, including specific conflicts you may have between one another. 

Each person’s background, beliefs, thoughts and behaviors—and how they play into your relationship—are examined, as well as what the dynamics are in the relationship as a whole.


Your therapy will help you explore the positive and negative ways that your relationship has been affected over time.


Sessions can focus on changing negative behaviors or aspects of your relationship, or on how to manage, preserve and protect the happiness and overall health of your relationship.

**At this time, we are not providing couples' therapy at Rising Lotus Counseling **

Family Therapy

Family therapy treats emotional challenges and crises by working with the family as a whole. It addresses all family members, working to understand each person’s feelings, thoughts and behavior within the family system. 


You and your therapist can work towards a specific family problem or challenge, as well as conflict resolution, improving communication, and creating deeper family bonds.

Sarah offers supervision to students, social workers, and other healthcare professionals in need of additional support expanding their skill set, coping with the transition from graduate school into the field, and changing jobs, as well as serving as a sounding board for challenging cases you may be faced with in your practice.


Sarah has her post-masters certification in Clinical Supervision. She has served as a field instructor to several MSW student interns, and supervised psychology interns and medical residents while being a part of an interdisciplinary team.

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